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Nutrition Services Payment & Reimbursement for MNT

Nutrition Services Payment & Reimbursement

Updated June 26th, 2023


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a nutrition services coverage and payment team whose work is to assist state affiliate Nutrition Services Payment Specialists (NSPS) in their role to help members navigate the complicated arena of MNT reimbursement.


  • Impacted at the federal level by CMS reimbursement and payment rate cuts/increases, generally negotiated annually.

  • Impacted at the federal level by insurance carriers operating in several states or nationwide (e.g., Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealth Group).

  • Impacted at the state level by Medicaid, in Massachusetts known as MassHealth.

  • Impacted at the state level by insurance carriers operating in the state (e.g., BCBS of MA, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Tufts Health Plan).

  • Impacted by federal and state payment policies from CMS, Medicaid and insurance carriers for private practice dietitians, who must negotiate their rates and/or work with out-of-pocket payors.

To view the Academy’s nutrition services payment and MNT reimbursement information, visit:

Promoting MNT

  • The Academy has released its updated MNTWorks Toolkit, intended to help members reach out to stakeholders to increase access to and payment for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

  • RDNs play a vital role in advocating for increased access to and payment for MNT services. This advocacy can take place in multiple settings where patients seek care and with those that determine (and affect) payment for MNT and other nutrition services.

  • In this toolkit you will find information specific to a variety of audiences that play a role in shaping both the delivery and coverage for MNT services. For the purposes of this toolkit, stakeholders are defined as anyone who can influence or determine a positive outcome on payment for nutrition services.

  • Note that while some of the examples are limited to one target audience, the overall message of the content applies to all target audiences.

To view the Academy’s MNTWorks Tookit, visit: 

Learning more

Getting started:

Coding and billing:

Medicare & MassHealth:

MNT Provider:


Reimbursement FAQs

Q. Since there is so much changing with reimbursement, especially with telehealth coverage, how can I find the most up to date information?

A: Given the ongoing changes with legislation and reimbursement coverage, the Academy resources are updated to reflect the most recent information. Also, the publication MNT Provider provides an excellent overview of current payment issues: 

Q. Does the Academy have an online reimbursement discussion forum?

A. Academy members can join the Reimbursement and Payment Online Discussion Community of Interest (COI) to dialogue with other members, learn from colleagues and receive reimbursement updates from Academy staff.

In addition to the COI, the Academy convenes the monthly Reimbursement and Payment Affinity Group the fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm Eastern. This forum-based event brings together staff, policy leaders and members to discuss Academy reimbursement advocacy priorities and strategies, share their experience and determine how they can become involved in advocating. Use this link to join the COI and register for the monthly affinity group.

Contact MAND’s Nutrition Payment Specialist, Ellen Lowre, at

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President's Welcome

Hello friends,

April brought a whirlwind of activity with ANCE on April 5th and Day on the Hill (DOTH) on April 8th!

With “food as medicine” front and center in the healthcare crisis today, we were thrilled to host Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, one of the leading global experts on this topic as our keynote speaker!

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Funded MS or PhD Graduate student Fully funded graduate assistantships for RDNs or RDN-eligible students in a full-time MS or PhD program in Health Promotion Sciences beginning fall 2024 at the University of Connecticut. Successful.. Read more >

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MDEF Scholarships

For 2024, MDEF will be giving out two MDEF scholarships and one MDEF Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) scholarship to deserving nutrition students, each in the amount of $1500. Please pass along to any nutrition students or interns who may be eligible to apply!

All applications are due by May 31st