Massachusetts Dietetic Education Foundation (MDEF)

Scholarships currently available:

Undergraduate Scholarship

Graduate Scholarship

MDEF scholarship – non-specific, may be awarded to Dietetic Internship, Undergraduate, or Graduate Students.

To apply for a scholarship:
1. Download and complete application
2. Send application electronically to by May 1 of each year.
3. Mail one copy of your transcript to

                   Rena Prendergast, R.D., 42 Bigelow Street
                   Cambridge, MA, 02139-2302.
                   Ask your advisor to forward electronic transcripts from faculty email address saying that

                   the student's transcripts have been reviewed by faculty for accuracy.

4. Send two letters of reference (one letter must be from a Registered Dietitian) electronically (in Word Documents) to by May 1.

Awards will be announced in June of each year.

Congratulations to 2017 MDEF Scholarship Recipients:
Undergraduate:  Dana Fryer, Boston University

Graduate: Alexandra Sanchez, Framingham State University

Dietetic Internship: Lisa Lombardini, CPD, Framingham State University

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

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Public Policy

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