Simplicity at ANCE

Friday, April 05, 2024 

The April 5th meeting is coming up and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone.  We attended last year and looking forward to seeing everyone again. 
Simplicity is the first 3-day meal bolus patch for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It’s convenient, discreet, injection free and compliments basal therapy.  

Simplicity was made specifically to address the barriers in the Multiple Daily Injection market. 7 out of 10 patients leave their insulin pen at home. Simplicity is a wearable pen.  This is not an insulin pump. there are no intimidating technologies and there is no stress on the clinic/ patient.  

I have attached our 2024 order form and because this is a wearable pen not a high tech insulin pump this is very easy to get. Our coverage is awesome.

Simplicity has great formulary coverage including -  Mass Health- and MCO’s including WellSense, Tufts HP, Fallon HP, Health New England, MGB Brighams AND Medicare AND Commercial plans including BCBS, United, Cigna, Tufts, Harvard Pilgram, Aetna and many others (VA System).

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your office and provide you with more information about what Simplicity can do for your patients,  just let me know.  Free trial kits are available for all of your Massachusetts patients. 

To view our brochure, click HERE 

T0 view our order form, clicke HERE 


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